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Klonopin Sexual Side Effects

Klonopin was observed under certain clinical studies and the reports of these studies determined that this drug is the source for many side effects.

Sexual_Side_Effects_of_klonopin-300x169These side effects are male impotence, delayed or difficulty in ejaculation and changes in sexual desire. If you are encountering any side effects in regards to sexual activity or desire while taking Klonopin it is best advised to seek your doctor’s help, produce your previous medical records and information on current medication.

It is very important to inform your doctor if you have been drinking for so long time or you have been taking any other medication for treating any other medical condition. By using the information that you are providing the consultation doctor can suggest you a suitable treatment or might recommend you to adjust the dosage of Klonopin that you are taking or about to take.

If all these things are pointless your doctor may recommend you to use any other medication that seems to be safe to treat your current disorder.

Like any medication or drugs, Klonopin, it has also been called by its chemical name of Clonazepam can produce several side effects.

Among several side effects, sexual side effects occupy large space that includes variation in sex drive or desire this condition is medically called as libido, Problems in ejaculation, impotence which is also widely referred as Erectile dysfunction, in short, ED.

Several people who have been using Klonopin medication encountered changes in their sexual desires. The sex drive may either increase or decrease in people. About one percent of people who were taking Klonopin are struggling with changes in sex drive. Many studies reveal that this was the one such sexual side effect that has been reported by people using this drug.

Klonopin can also trigger male ejaculation problem. Several clinical trials have conducted on men under Klonopin medication. From the documentation of these reports in regards to Klonopin side effects, it was identified that 2 percent of men who were using or taking Klonopin to treat panic disorder reported the problem of delayed ejaculation.

Male impotence can also be caused by Klonopin drug. And impotence can be defined as the complete inability or losing the capacity to achieve a proper erection. It may be an inability to achieve a constant erection or it can last only for few periods of time.

Thus this condition is a repeated inability to attain erection or having sufficient erection to have successful intercourse. From the clinical trials or studies documentation, it has been reported that impotence as a Klonopin side effect happens only in 3 percent of men who were taking this drug for combating the panic disorder.

Though it has been identified in clinical studies that few percentages of population encountering sexual side effects, it is possible that there is a number of people experienced these side effects caused by Klonopin than reported from the clinical documentation. It is also known fact that many men feel embarrassed or hesitate to discuss these sexual problems with others in a direct manner.

Thus it is assumed that these sexual side effects caused by Klonopin can happen in more people that it has been reported in the clinical studies results.

Your doctor or healthcare provider may find difficult to find out whether you will encounter these side effects caused by Klonopin. To understand this let us just consider one example where a person experiencing certain sexual side effects.

Could it be regarded to Klonopin? Cannot give the straight answer but these sexual disorders can be due to the health condition or disorder for which the person is taking treatment. This implies that the person’s health condition or ailment itself have induced these problems.

It is very difficult and daunting task to determine to which the root cause for these sexual problems is in that person that is the health condition of the patient for that any treatment or medication is given or Klonopin is given. However, sexual dysfunctions are most commonly occurring while treating certain medical condition along with Klonopin.

Hence, if you are encountering any side effects in regards to sex drives or desires while taking Klonopin, and then it is advised to consult your doctor so that the identified side effects can be treated soon.

The severity of sexual side effects cannot be predicted as in some people these effects can affect their sexual desire or performance in mild that is only to a small extent whereas in some other people this sexual dysfunction might be severe.

If you have been using Klonopin for treating seizures or panic disorder if you report any sexual dysfunction symptoms to your healthcare professionals they may advice you to vary Klonopin dosage level or they may also suggest you take any other medication for the treatment.

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