About Klonopin

Klonopin Clonazepam Overdose

Klonopin Overdose

The dosage level of Klonopin depends on different factors such as age, current and previous health condition.

To get the absolute effectiveness of Klonopin you should be taken as prescribed. Severe health problems may arise if either the dosage strength is increased or taken for the longer duration than suggested by the doctor.

If you are not aware of the dose of Klonopin then reach your nearby doctor or pharmacist.

Klonopin Overdose

People taking this increasingly will suffer serious adverse effects,

  • It may lead to coma
  • The blood pressure may reduce known as Hypotension
  • Impairment of the motor functions such as reflexes, coordination, and balance
  • Difficult to breath
  • Hallucinations and confusions
  • Induces sleep always
  • Nausea

You have to reach the doctor immediately in case of any such emergency

A report by US government in the year 2006 presented that the sedative-hypnotics are the most implicated medication seen by the emergency department. Klonopin will also fall into this category. And it is listed in the top second on this list. The Emergency Department analyses the usage count of this medication by the non-medical patients. This will put the medication under drug abuse. These conditions of drug abuse, over-dosage which causes withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Also, the interaction of the medication with alcohol causes serious adverse effects.

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