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Klonopin (Clonazepam) Dosage

Dosing Klonopin medication

Klonopin dosage based on several factors but there are top three major factors such as age, existing disorder condition, the severity of the medication to be treated. All these factors would change one patient to another patient accordingly.

In general, the doctor prescribed quiet lower dosage strength for children, and it is basically calculated by considering the weight of the child. Hence, the dosage strength may increase according to the child growth.

For an infant, the typical dose of Klonopin starts from 0.01/kg once in a day to 0.03/kg once in a day, and it continues until the body weight of 30kg. However, one should not exceed the maximum strength of 0.05/kg once in a day. 0.5mg of Klonopin is the typical dose strength for adults, and it can take three times per day.

Sometimes, your doctor may increase the strength of the dose by considering how effective the medication in treating seizure disorder in your brain. However, the doctor would not prescribe more than the maximum dosage level of Klonopin, and it is 20 mg per day.

Individuals have to take the 20mg to three times per day by splitting it into three equal shapes. For pain disorder patient, 0.25 twice per day is the starting Klonopin dosage, and it may gradually increase up to 0.5 per day.

For elder people, the clinical trial has not conducted yet so generally, the doctor prescribes lower dose strength during the initial treatment stage.

It is most commonly available in tablet form, and it should administrate orally by mouth with water whereas the wafer form of Klonopin does not require water because it has the capability to dissolve in the mouth.

When it comes to children, they have difficulty in swallowing tablet form of Klonopin hence wafer would be the ideal choice and it can take easily compare to the tablet form. Moreover, it would be very helpful for the people who are suffering from kidney disorder because taking water can increase the risk of kidney disorder.

In fact, there is no restriction for Klonopin administration, for example, the individual can take this medication after or before the meals. But sometimes it may cause stomach upset when you have taken this drug without food so have it with food however it is not for all the people.

People taking the medications in order to treat their disorder symptoms but taking higher dosage strength beyond the limit or doctor prescription may lead to confront unwanted complications to the user. And it follows for Klonopin as well.

Klonopin is a medication which belongs to the family of benzodiazepines class and under this class of medications used for treating certain types of anxiety disorders including seizure and panic disorders.

Like other medications, Klonopin can also cause overdose when you have taken heavy dosage within a short span and the symptoms of overdose can vary from person to person according to the consumption of the medication.

Some of the major overdose symptoms of Klonopin include increased confusion or drowsiness, and dull refluxes. For rare cases, Klonopin overdose can cause coma. Thus, individuals have to take the dosage of the drug in a controlled manner, and it is essential to follow it until the end of treatment. Moreover, the combination of Klonopin and alcohol can cause life-threatening drug interactions.

Doctor use flumazenil injection as an antidote if you overdosed on Klonopin medication and sometimes doctor wash your stomach or else try some supportive treatments such as fluids through an intravenous line in order to alleviate overdose.

In addition, the overdose of Klonopin would result in low blood pressure, increased heart rate, or breathing problems so that individuals have to watch out for any changes in these parameters.

For some instance, the continuous overdose of Klonopin would make a person feel alone and stimulate the suicidal thoughts or self-damaging habits. Henceforth, when you notice such kind of symptoms, then you should consult your doctor regarding the symptoms to avoid untoward incidences.

However, doctors have several types of treatments to neutralize the Klonopin overdose in your body, but sometimes that can cause complications. Hence it is always better to take this medication as per doctor guidance.

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