Klonopin / Clonazepam And Alcohol

Klonopin / Clonazepam and alcohol

Should you drink alcohol during Klonopin treatment?


The combination of both Klonopin and alcohol will cause serious adverse effects. When people drink while taking the Klonopin medication it may increase the severity of the side effects. Due to this reason drinking during the treatment of Klonopin is not recommended. If people who have mental disorder took such medication along with alcoholic beverages can worsen their disorder.

klonopin and alcoholIt is also applicable for patients with panic attacks. For such patients, the severity of the panic attack will be increased. The chemical substance in Klonopin is Clonazepam which reacts with alcohol acts as a Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant. This impacts the brain’s activity. Above all people with mental retardation should not drink.

The habit of drinking will enhance the adverse effects of the medication. Some common side effects are memory problems, mental co-ordination disorder, dizziness, unusual behaviour, drowsiness.

When combined Klonopin with alcohol it lowers the heartbeat rate and the respiration rate. Such effects make your breathing difficult and at times it may lead to death.

The treatment of Klonopin will make your body and mind more sensitive to alcoholic effects. It is seen that the medication lowers the level of your usual intake. And it is not safe to continue the habit too. The situation becomes more dangerous if your temptation to drink overcomes the phobia of the Klonopin side effects.

This medication is approved for treating panic disorder and also for treating seizures. Hence the people with such panic disorders should stay away from alcohol.

Consuming such drinks under the treatment of Klonopin will worsen your mental illness. In addition, the people abused to this and taking Klonopin will be abused to this drug too.

If it is inevitable for you to drink when you are already on the treatment of Klonopin, seek your doctor’s advice before drinking. They will help you either by altering the dosage or by limiting the level of consumption. You will also be educated with the resulting side effects.

The amount of alcohol that you are willing to take or the usual amount of drink that you take should be explained in detail. Feel free to report your habits so that you can take a shared decision along with the doctor.

If you are addicted or a heavy drinker, the doctor will guide you to get off from it. The effects may also lead to death. Hence the doctor should inform the patient about the severity of this effect. The patient should be advised to be cautious while taking alcohol.

The effects such as drowsiness and dizziness may be increased when consumed this beverage along with Klonopin. Also, it enhances the risk of seizures. Apart from this, it increases the effects dizziness and drowsiness when taken along with other antidepressant and sedative medications. Other such medications involve pain relievers, antihistamines, and muscle relaxants. Other anxiety and seizure medication will also result in such an effect. Without having a word with the doctor you should not take other medications or drink along with Klonopin.

Generally, alcohol by itself is known to be a depressant and hence it will increase the effect of Klonopin. If you enable to identify any changes after treating Klonopin with this, reach your doctor immediately. Even the severity of this effect may induce the suicidal thought in you. Hence the patient should be more cautious about the taking Klonopin and their drinking habit.

klonopin with alcoholThe effect of this Klonopin and alcohol is more similar to the GABA receptors. These brain cell receptors will be more influenced when the treatment is combined with such drinks. Due to this, the activity of the brain is reduced. It specifically affects the cells respond to carry respiration. This effect makes this part almost inactive and causes a fatal effect. If you develop any thoughts of harming yourself, reach your doctor immediately before the problem gets out of hand.